Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winter SJ 17.06.2011

First show jump outing for Winter.
Unfortunately Willie came up lame yesterday, so Sampson went on his own.

He was actually quite well behaved warming up, with just the odd quite small moment, so that was great (for me!).

Just entered 80 and 90, with the intention of working on my forward and ensuring he is going forward with enough power to jump easily. Worked on this yesterday with Wendy, and the new catch phrase is "power up", which sums it up perfectly....."power up" on the turn etc, then just let the jump come up.

He was good in the 80 and jumped a nice clear round.

In the 90 I think we had a good forward rhythm (felt fast to me, but everyone told me it was a good speed)....he jumped really well, until I stuffed up the last jump....came around corner, got line wrong, was crooked and leaned forward....if I had sat up and just waited he would have jumped it properly and we could have had a go at the jump off....there had however been very few clear rounds, and even fewer clear jump offs. Oh well, next time I'll make sure I get it right over EVERY jump.

Very pleased with his behaviour, and how he went.

Plan is to start at 90 next time, and also pop around the meter.

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