Monday, July 4, 2011

Kaurilands 03.07.011

Having received quite a difficult draw, I decided to do the best I could to adhere to it. In my first horse's second test, I had one horse drawn to follow him, then a break, then Sampson.

In order to attempt to achieve this, I had both horses up by the grass arenas (Sampson covered as it was rather cold), and Saarin held him while I did my two tests on Wilson. It was a bit of an ask for Saarin though, as Sampson become very upset every time he thought Wilson was going anyway and he would leap about and play a fool. Not very confidence inspiring for a wee slip of a lass trying to hold a demented 17.3 lad.

Having completed my test on Wilson, we rushed over to the picnic tables (so I had some means to clamber on the wee beastie), and got the saddle changed over (poor Saarin couldnt even reach to get it off Wilson, let alone being able to help saddle up Sampson).

And on I got.

Hmmmm - interesting....he kept skedaddling and trying to return to Wilson, but in the end I got him cantering (ok, so it was RIGHT in front of Willie) and just kept him on a circle...round and round and round.

Keeping an eye on the arena, but there didnt seem to be any break and the riders just kept going through, so we wandered over there, and I started to wander around the arena....only to be asked by the judge if I was even going to bother to ride, and basically being firmly told off for not being there sooner (it was the same judge that had judged me on Wilson). I advised that I had been drawn to ride after the break but it seemed that the riders just kept coming through....only to be told that there was no break, and was I going to ride or not!

Well, that rather got my dander up!

Probably to the good, because I was so annoyed that I didnt even think about getting nervous about what the wee beastie might do, and I actually rode him....and....he did the whole test without skedaddles. Ok, he was somewhat lacking in impulsion but it was a MUCH better effort than the previous Kaurilands outing!

52.17% in Test 1.5
with the sum up comment - needs to reach and cover ground freelyl carry rider forward with purpose and expression (which was fair comment)

Straight onto the second test

He actually went very well and I did start to RIDE was only at the last trot up the centre line though that he really felt loose and free - but hey, at least we got there - even if it was at the end.

He couldnt resist doing a skedaddle in one of the canters though (for a course error), but I was actually able to laugh at it, and just carried on ... YAY

Scored 63% (despite course error deduction without which he would have been 5th)

Test was all 6's and 7's with sum up being essentially that he needs to go much more forward throughout.

So, the next question is of course whether him having his buddy up there helped or hindered. Next time I will ask that Sampson be first on the draw so I can warm him up properly, and hopefully not have to have the two of them there together. That way I can really see how we get on, and learn to get through the demented flea stuff without the security blanket.
Will that mean he reverts to his fantastic scores of the last outing.....can we achieve a further zero?? I guess we will find out in due course.

Thanks to Debbie Stevens for the photos from the day.

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