Monday, August 30, 2010

Taupo 27-29 August

Off to Taupo for the weekend!! YAY

Friday...rode an hour before leaving.
Got there put them in covered yards, then set up truck
Geared up sampson, tied up Willie by little sand arena and rode Sammie....then rode him around the vacinity of the sand arena looking at the jumps and things (on the buckle)...he was excellent...he had started off a little tense in the arena but I gradually worked him through it.

Sat. -put boys in outside yard....tacked up Sammie, and took him for a walk (led) to big sand arena, and all over the xc to inspect jumps etc...I held onto the buckle of the reins and he was relaxed but curious, then we went back over to little sand arena and I worked him for about 20 mins / half an hour ...he was excellent (Willie meantime had trashed his yard and buckets, and worked himself up into a muck sweat) - we weren't toooo far from the yards and in clear sight for Willie! - what a plonker he is.

Afternoon, Carolien came and I again tacked up Sammie...she led Wilson so he wouldn't get demented when we went (probably also helped Sammie too having his friend there).

Warmed up in small sand arena, then went out onto XC, started with a little combination jump, then a ditch, then ditch to log, then rail to little problems.

Banks....started walking down and up the baby baby banks, then the bigger, then the biggest, before trotting him off the bank....not even a hesitation! Then down the bank two strides up the bank and two strides and over a jump.

Then a few random logs etc...then to the bigger he popped without even thinking about it, then trotted him off the bank, a few strides and over a jump....not a problem.

Then to the water...he was a little hesitant to start, I think maybe because of the yellow pine pollen floating on the surface, but quickly went and out, then walked up and down baby bank, then trot off normal bank....not even a flicker of hesitation.

Then onto a log combination, first at trot, then canter....Much better at canter as he was more forward and 'together'....

very pleased with him.

Sunday morning, there were people there for SJ practice and SH, but not really that chaotic...he seemed relaxed enough in the outside yard.

Got on, and he felt very tense and worried....tried to ride him out of it, on the grass paddock next to their outdoor yards, but he seemed to get worse (I only walked) I got off and took him for a wander and look at the sj...he didn't seem too concerned....maybe a little antsy (didn't want to stand still) took him for a walk around xc again....he got more and more worked up and the further we went the worse he got....I kept having to halt him as he was barging into me, did a few leaps, and almost went into passage (but didn't...yay progress from other times). I did manage to lead him back to the yards, but he was very strong, and 25 hands high.

Its almost as if he just couldn't cope and got very insecure....but why was he fine when I did the same thing the day before???

A little disappointed with the Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde thing, but I guess we just need to keep taking him out till he learns to cope with his insecurities.

However, thrilled with his jumping and attitude to the xc

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