Sunday, August 22, 2010

Great Lesson

Loving my pony at the moment; and even managing to work through the skedaddles on 'those' days!

Had an awesome show jumping lesson with Wendy today.

Initially did some work on transitions, trying to keep him lighter in downwards, and sharper upwards. I also need to work on keeping my calves on him and not tilting forward with leg back to 'kick'....magic dressage whip helps :-)

Then the dreaded pole exercise....two pole set at 12.00 and 3.00 on a circle, maintaining canter over them and moving from three to four strides between the poles....HARD work! but definitely on the improve which is good.

Then a few warm up jumps, a one stride double to an oxer, and then a four loop serpentine at canter with a jump each crossing of the centre line. I need to keep my eye on the jump so I am not cutting in and turning too early, and even if we're on the wrong lead keeping the canter balanced and a little up in front.

Sampson jumped really well, and is actually very good at maintaining a rhythm; one just needs to ensure the engine is kept going so his butt is under and the forehand lighter.

Absolutely thrilled with how we both went today. (I was also really pleased with myself in that initially when I looked at the jumps I thought they were FAR too big to start, but didn't even suggest that they go down, and was more than happy when they actually went up)


and this is Summer said...

Awesome stuff Fiona.
The whole tone of your postings on her is really positive sounding lately. Go you!

and this is Summer said...

Urgh, *needs to proof read* should be "on here is really positive"