Monday, November 7, 2011

RIverdale HT - 5/6 November 2011

Well, he was rather interesting warming up for dressage - but then had also been awful riding there the previous afternoon. Completely lacking in focus apart from wanting to get back to Willie and the truck - despite having Saarin's mare there with him.

Quite a few leaps and bounds etc while trying to prepare for dressage, only worsened by someone falling off when their horse reared and bucked, and then proceeded to gallop directly past us. The result of which was not pretty and culminated in me being tanked off with having lost my stirrups. But all salvaged, well, all barring the chance of a reasonable test!

However, we got to the arena, went around it once, and in we went. Once again, he did hold it together for the test and basically did everything he was asked - albeit leaning on my hands doing his rolkur impression, going nowhere.

All 5's and 6's for a score of 54% and second last in the class

Just popped over each practice jump once, and stood quietly waiting for our turn. He just toddled around popping over the jumps to finish with a clear round.

Hmmm; interesting warming up!
Yes, had another moment of being carted around somewhat out of control when someone hitting the practice fence was just the excuse to be a pratt he'd been waiting for.
However, into the start box and off we went.
He was great at the beginning of the course, but when we had to start turning through gateways etc, (and I hung on I guess) he started to curl up and really lean on me and get very strong. Needless to say, I was completely worn out before even the half way marker, and I'm sure spectators could hear me coming I was puffing so loudly.
But, apart from lacking focus and getting completely distracted by everything bar the jumps, he jumped around happily.
Last few jumps I simply didnt have the energy to hang on any longer, and to be honest, I think he was much happier.

Although Saarin told me I looked to be going painfully slow, he only clocked up 7.2 time faults to finish the weekend in 5th place.

He had initially been in fourth, but having waited for an hour for a protest in my ring to be resolved, we found that we had been pushed back to fifth....only to find that placings only went to fourth!

So once again he missed out on a rosette by a very slim margin.

Project for next weekend is to try to leave his mouth completely alone XC.....eeeeek

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