Sunday, October 30, 2011

Woodhill Sands HT 29/30 October 2011

I had been really looking forward to another run on the wee pony, and was trying hard to overcome any negative comments I had coming my way, but I don't think I succeeded very well.

Not really sure how to maintain my positive outlook, and remain mentally strong enough to ward off anything contrary to that - yet another thing to work on :-)

However, we got there and proceeded to warm up for dressage. Apart from a few skedaddles, he managed to hold it together, and didnt do too bad a test scoring 67.5%
I was also pleased in that when he did his wee act in warming up I just rode him through it.

He did come behind the vertical a few times, but on the whole I was quite pleased with him, and some of his work was lovely.

Predominantly 7's, 4 x 8's, and a few 6's (and a 4 for his 'non halt' at the end).

"3 nice paces showing potential. Needs to be more active in his paces esp walk. Dropping behind vertical quite a bit during trot. Push him forward into bridle. Nice test. Watch your shapes to improve test marks."

And onto the show jumping.
He got a bit wound up warming up, so I waited quietly at the ring entrance for my turn.

He jumped very well, and I enjoyed his round although I was really annoyed at myself for taking a bit of a pull too many on the first turn to number two, to pull the rail.


Next day XC....changes to the track were very welcome and I thought it was a great course, nothing I was worried about (except mucking up in general), although I didnt like the sleeper box off set out of the water - although he jumped it fine.

Once again, he was a little distracted at Woodhill, and thinking about getting back to the truck. Where as last time I dug my spurs in and insisted he focus, I was a little weaker this time.

He did jump the double brush nicely and jumped the wee ramp onto the sand lovely. Bit wiggly woggly and spooky heading across sand to water, although jumped ok. He proceeded to be really spooky, curling under a little, and in hindsight was simply behind my leg....hardly surprising given I wasnt really riding him as positively as I could.

He hit number 11 having got very deep to it, and I called it a day and retired. Again hindsight (wonderful thing that it is), I should have just clouted him, told him to get on with it and carried on....especially as the rest of the course was the easier half. Unfortunately, my mind was filled with the wrong kind of self talk .
Essentially, I let my horse down, and I am determined not to do that again~

Next weekend, I will maintain my positive focus, and any negative comments in my presence will be tossed aside.

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Ruffles said...

Sometimes things just don't work out.
Good luck for next weekend, I'm sure you guys will do better :)