Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sick of the Wet

Well, we had been making (I thought) great progress, and I had even started jumping the wee boy again. Only small jumps as we did experience a few skedaddles while jumping, although *touching wood* they had become considerably less - almost non existant- at other times. Perhaps it was simply that I was riding more confidently.

(He has also taken to jumping the wooden gate into the back paddock - probably because he can)

However, along came the rains again.

As Willie is my priority in terms of consistant work given that he is the one out competing, Sampson has for the past two weeks taken somewhat of a back seat. The difficulty is in actually finding somewhere I can happily ride him. All paddocks bar one are simply too wet to ride in.

The paddock that is ok to ride in, is inhabited by a randy little mare who I am sure would play havoc with my trying to ride Sampson in with her. (Wilson just acts like he wants to kill her and she keeps her distance). ... I am guessing that the wee boy though would become quite enamoured of the attention, and may pay me very little!

There is also the fact that the arena was supposed to have been started (if not for the rains) which would put my riding paddock out of action for a few weeks.

However, this past week, I have missed riding him so much that i have again clambered on; if only to walk up and down the drive by the sheds.

Roll on Summer.

Roll on Arena.

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