Sunday, October 25, 2009

In Hand

Hmmm; well there was an in hand competition locally which I thought would be a good outing for the wee boy - you know, boring enough for him to fall asleep. But I guess if it's that boring what else can a young lad do, but make it fun.

However, I am not sure that the judge was particularly looking for airs above the ground.

I'm afraid even the line up for turn out was a bit too exciting!

First class, we had to leave the arena after half a circuit (which included, passage -with tail stuck straight up in the air accompanied by snorts, half pass, and a pirouette or two)

However, he did get progressively better, with first managing almost one circuit before losing the plot and having to leave the arena. There were the odd rears and interesting movements throughout the day.

For the last three classes, although we did have some skedaddles, we managed to contain ourselves enough to remain till the end of the class. And funny enough, when we were all asked to trot he was much better than when walking.

I do rather suspect however, that by the last couple of classes, it was not that he was particularly worried or upset, but that he was being naughty. I basically just carried on, pretty much dealing with whatever he did, then carrying on like nothing had happened.

So, although an 'interesting' outing, I think it was good for both of us, and probably the sort of thing he needs more of. Much as I am a bit sore in the arms and shoulders today, I am quite pleased that I didnt allow him to intimidate me and I just dealt with whatever he threw at, funny as it might sound, was a learning curve and good for my confidence.

I did get a couple of "he's stunning" type comments - although that was BEFORE we entered the ring!

Tamara did kindly take a photo of him in the last class.

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