Saturday, November 8, 2008

WEC (again)

He is still finding even the carpark paddock eye googly worthy, although today for the first time he had a friend (Willie) with him: poor Willie however couldnt keep up with his walk....I think he was just keen to check everything out.

Having now seen him on video (thanks Saarin) I am even more determined to learn how to ride this horse. He looks far less green than he feels, but he has such big movement and tremendous spring in the trot, that I find myself thrown all over the show. And when he gets anxious (or silly) the trot gets shorter, higher and pingier still.

I can see from the video that I do need to take my stirrups up at least another hole though which should help (hopefully).
And inbetween his lovely trot work, out of nowhere came some interesting moments during which I was almost catapaulted (didnt have the chance to think 'hands down' ! - oops)

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