Friday, November 28, 2008

That's horses for you!

Pony has been starting to do some wonderful flatwork, soft and round, and his transitions are getting a lot crisper, and easier. The steering and response to the legs is getting noticeably better every day.

Did some trotting poles yesterday and he thoroughly enjoyed it, and was excellent.

However, I still have major mounting issues: he just simply will not stand by the mounting block. Yesterday we had a wee session, and he has started to have his head around by me, and kept it there when I (finally) was able to get on....I didnt however give him enough rein and when he moved off he moved over the centre and the mounting block - then kicked it over, and ran! Given our combined height I was forced to lean down onto his neck while we blasted out of the shed - me with no stirrups. Upon emerging he commenced big leapy boundy bucks (which thankfully were actually quite comfortable)....I pictured us galloping off up the road out of control.
Nope... I had him stopped before we even got to the first gate.

He then stood as quietly as anything, while I put my stirrups up etc....then we went off and rode as if nothing had happened....he wasnt even remotely worried.

So here was I bemoaning my mounting troubles, and all set for another 'session' today when I find the pony had somehow been kicked when naughty Jackson let their tape down (obviously they all had a hoon around)... Unfortunately it was too late for the vet to stitch it and so the flap (which was very deep) was cut off.
He now has lots of padding and bangaging, and will be out of action for a while.
If we are unlucky, there could also be damage to the bone.

The pony was absolutely amazing...he stood really quietly while the vet poked and prodded, and endured numerous injections.
He really is a kind horse - and although the mounting problem is indeed frustrating; it beats injuries and being unable to ride him at all.

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