Monday, March 26, 2012

Waitemata at Taupo HT 24/25 March 2012

The dilemma was whether or not to drop him back to training after our show jumping fall at Puhinui.

What affect had it had on his confidence? - it had certainly rattled mine!

Warmed him up for dressage and was absolutely wrapt with how he was going...he felt brilliant....was this the day for us to pull it together for the dressage phase?

NO it wasnt...when I went over to the arena he became very distracted by the goings on in front of Charisma hall etc...the horse in the arena next to us during his test, was also being very naughty, and several times hit the rails...just the excuse he needed.
He was AWFUL...(although he did get marked much more harshly than he should - for instance, one canter movement he skeddadled, lost the plot and I had to halt and start the movement again he was so awful....the other rein he cantered beautifully and didnt put a hoof wrong....we scored 5 for the first skedaddle canter, and scored a 5 also for the lovely canter!)

Anyhow, I was SO upset I bawled and then went on about how I hated him and was never going to ride him again....led him back to the truck during which time he was a complete and utter pratt (with me still bawling!).

Thankfully Carolien talked me into putting on his jump gear and doing the show jumping. He was a star. He took a couple of rails, but only because it was very slippery and I was a bit too cautious on the corners giving him insufficient oomph to get over the jump. But he tried his heart out..... completely redeeming himself.

However, I'm afraid I allowed the dressage score, which was not a qualifying one, sway me...I was so disappointed that I didnt even walk the XC, let alone ride it. Silly decision really as every outing is an opportunity for him (us) to gather experience.

Oh well....better luck next time!

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