Saturday, April 16, 2011

Waihou Dressage 17.04.2011

Naughty pony!

Decided to play on my injury, in terms of the fact that I was still quite sore, but more so feeling very vulnerable about falling and re-injuring it.

Didnt help that Saarin's pony kept calling out to him from the truck, but it was simply an excuse.

We had a multitude of skedaddles, napping to the point where I pulled the bit right through his mouth, a few leaps and bounds etc.....not good for nerves.

I scratched from his first test as he was soooo dreadful, and led him around for a while before remounting to warm up for his second test...ha ha

Yep; more of the same.

However this time I persevered, and despite him going very overbent and behind the leg in the test, I completed all the movements and survived. Ok, the score was abysmal, but I was astounded that he wasnt even last - not even 2nd to last!!

Sometimes having a pony with a sense of humour is not appreciated.

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