Sunday, January 30, 2011

Woodhill HT 30.01.2011

Travelled up to Woodhill on the Friday night with dire weather forecasts....Although it rained all night, we were spared from riding in the wet.

Saturday, we had drawn a rather late dressage being the last horse to go in the training, and indeed found ourselves the only rider on the sand at all, with just the odd rail sounding of those last few doing their show jumping.

Sampson found the whole thing rather exciting, with people up on the hill walking the XC proving a worthwhile distraction. He had actually warmed up ok and I had worked through the skedaddles, only to find there were still three riders to go at our allotted time. By the time he went, I think he was rather over it....and he proceeded to overbend and do his own thing right through the dressage...a dig in the ribs by the spur did produce a leap and a bound, and somewhat better listening skills however.

A little disappointed with his dressage, but absolutely wrapt that I (almost) held it together and did get through it.

We ended up doing our SJ at some time after 5.00; the poor judge having to wait for us. A quick pop over the warm up jump and into the ring we went.

I was thrilled with how he went, particularly given the deep going, which was good experience for him. He found it a little difficult to focus on the double given the mud and splatters, but he went, even though it came down. We also incurred plenty of time faults, although many others were in the same boat. Still it's all experience.


Yay; Cross country day, and the wee boy definitely knew what was coming. He was very fidgety and produced many splatter poos. Warm up was rather yukkkk....he was quite skedaddly, but Wendy helped me work through it.

However, once on our way, he was wonderful. Jumped everything without question, apart from needing a few reminders not to back off the water jump. He did start off just a little too keen, so the first five jumps I was reminding him to mind his manners, after which he was quite happy to just toddle along.

I think he is pretty fit too, he was certainly not tired after the finish (in fact still spooking at everything), and I couldnt even hear his breathing....or was it that I was breathing so loud I drowned out his!

Thrilled with the ride he gave me.
Another training Horse Trial completed with no stops.

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