Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Scott lesson 22.11.10

Time to again drag out the brave pants, given Andrew's tendency to build rather large jumps during lessons - although having said that, it is what I was looking forward to, and seeing how Sampson and I coped.

I shared my lesson with another rider, funnily enough also on an Anziyan (which I picked as soon as I saw him) - very pretty horse.

Sampson went very well, given he had been on his worst behaviour the preceding day and scared me...in actual fact, he was dead quiet. Of course this led to me being reminded to keep his engine going coming into the jumps!

But, I was also advised not to try to protect him: that he need to learn also to back himself off when needed.

Basically Sampson just popped over everything happily, and I will admit to being a little disappointed that although we did a few at about the 1.05 mark, in general they seemed very small.

Although, isnt it GREAT to be leaving a lesson wishing the jumps had been higher, rather than scaring oneself silly cos they looked too big.

Have already put my name down for his next visit up here, and asked to be in a group jumping slightly bigger (but not huge please!), and a day of XC too. Can't wait!

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