Sunday, October 31, 2010

SJ Leamington 31.10.2010

Yay! I actually did a competition on the big pony.

Joined in with an adult riding club day yesterday on him, and he was very well behaved. Didnt even skedaddle when we were all trotting around in a circle, even though one or two others did the whole bucky, bouncy thing. And a couple of people commented on how quiet and relaxed he was (people who didnt know him). So very proud of him. He then went awesome and jumped everything asked of him - we had a XC play.

Today, I took the two boys to Leamington for the SJ.

I even got straight on him at the truck without leading him around first!

Yes, he did some pretty big skedaddles while warming up, but for some reason I was fine with it (maybe because some others were having far more 'interesting' rides than I was, so my boy seemed easy in comparison?).

I started with the 80 class, and just took one rail. Set out really well, then lost the canter between 2 & 3 so got an odd spot with no impulsion. Then I got it together, and he felt great.

For the 90 class I got my timing a bit wrong, so had to run over, throw on his gear, trot to the warm up, a quick warm up and in.

Again, started off great, then AGAIN! didnt maintain enough canter (to the point of even allowing him to trot), and he took a couple of rails. But I sorted it out, and he (and I) finished great. Really pleased.

And it was great to be able to see it on video cos I could see so clearly the lack of canter in places. Ha ha, and he looked so quiet and sensible :)

Rushed off and got on Willie, another quick warm up and in. Again started great, then YET AGAIN, allowed the canter to fail (interestingly in the same places), but unlike Sampson, Willie stopped. grrrr. He stopped twice.

The judges then kindly allowed me to go back in. I rode far more determinedly, and he went great....apparently I did several lines and cut in front of jumps for the jump off that nobody else had even tried, but then Willie loves doing jump offs and I also get my adrenalin up. It was great fun! So finished there on a good note.

Also nice to get feedback that I see to be beating the tilting habit, and I am sitting in behind them better. Likewise wasn't anxious, and when I cocked it up, I simply fixed up what I was doing wrong rather then letting it get to me. Now just need to maintain the right canter (on both of them), and react quicker and right RIGHT to the jump on Wilson.

Yay; I'm on my way.

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