Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lesson LVF 05.03.2010

Photos by the wonderful Kate of GeeGee photography

His second time to Little Valley Farm; the first being a couple of weekends ago when I got Saarin to ride Willie with him, and he was basically, just like any other 'normal' young horse.

This time however, although Willie was in the yards awaiting his lesson, he was on his own. He became distracted by other horses working, splashing into the water jump, random little dogs, and a TRAIN. At times he grew to about 20 + hands!, but no skedaddles, no spooks and no naughty behaviour.

In honesty, I was the one who became tense and reacted to the situations anticipating bad behaviour....which actually didnt eventuate.

So, all in all I was thrilled with his behaviour, and I gradually became more confident (slightly anyway!)

He did some lovely trot work, we worked on his canter, and finished with some small jumps which I think he really enjoyed. He certainly didnt seem to spook at the fillers, and just popped over whatever he was asked.

So.....yay; more progress

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