Sunday, December 21, 2008

Mounting Practice

Well, since the pony is not in work at the moment due to his injury, yet he sees fit to gallop round and round the paddock flat out playing, I felt that some mounting training would not be too much to expect of him.

So, for the past three days, he has been learning (I hope) to stand still where-ever I tell him to. The first day was a wee bit of a battle, but I made it very unpleasant each time he moved forward or back without being asked to. I did not even get on him, settling for him standing still (on a loose rein) while I got on and off the mounting block.

Second day, again he was expected to stop and stand still until he was asked to move again. We did a lot of practice in random places as well as at the mounting block. We still had some battles at the mounting block itself, but I felt the we had achieved enough for me to get on at the end of the session: making a big fuss when he stood on a long rein, then got off again.

Today, more progress. No real battles, just the odd step forward or backward when I stood on the mounting block. I mounted several times, stood on a loose rein for a while before asking him to move forward. On the last attempt, he stood like a rock so I sat for a while then got off.

I really feel I am finally making progress. I also think that the fact that the only thing I am wanting to achieve is for him to stand still while being mounted, is helping. I have no worries about how long it takes, as it isnt eating into riding time.

We'll see how we get on again tomorrow, but feeling very positive that I will eventually have a horse that will stand still on a loose rein while I clamber aboard.

Should have taken pics of his wound too, as I can finally see some improvement and am sure that the edges are starting to heal with the wound itself looking smaller. I think I will feel comfortable starting him back in light work next week. YAY!

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and this is Summer said...

Great news Fiona. I've been wondering how his wound was healing.